Yvonne Teyler is a visual designer, who loves to solve problems and is constantly thinking to bring better experience through creative ideas and design thinking process. She is currently working on the future of cloud at IBM in Austin, Texas. Yvonne received her bachelors degree in Studio Arts: Multimedia Arts with an emphasis on image from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.

When not designing, Yvonne is a yoga connoisseur, adventure enthusiast, aspiring farm girl and fan of anything fluffy. Catch her daily tending to her chickens which makes her a chicken tender.

— kind words —

“Yvonne has been a tremendous asset to our team. She has been proactive at self-assigning work, managing her tasks as well as the collaborative actions of her teammates on tickets, and also is the “go-to” person for product images/screenshots, icons, and graphics. She has even used necessary tools to successfully improve, enhance, or augment leadspace images on a whim. She has become a favorite for the digital strategists who directly reach out to her or ask to have her on the visual requests on their pages. Yvonne is intuitive, accommodating, and very speedy. It’s been a pleasure having her on the Optimization team.”

“Yvonne is also a STAR designer! She can turn around quality volumes very quickly. Her designs are clean, modern and colorful, sleek. But it is the speed that she can turn around requests and come up new design options that makes her valuable to the team. Always a pleasure to deal with.”

“Yvonne is always eager and willing to take on projects. She works well with any team and is very good about being responsive with inquiries and checkins. Her skill set as a designer is improving with the implementation of the IBM Design System and has gone over the Design Essential courses to keep up to date with where IBM is heading from a design/brand perspective. She is also part of our Monthly Design resources workshop and always contributes to conversations about work and best practices.”